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Guitar Lessons in Mount Pleasant, SC and beyond

Guitar Playing
"I started guitar lessons with John Smith around 10 years ago. I started as most do with no knowledge of music and, in my case initially, little love for it. But at the age of 9 my life would completely change from then on. Almost immediately, John instilled in me a desire to play and get better. He also taught me over the years how to understand music and theory in a way that didn't frustrate me or bore me, and more importantly, taught me how to really listen to music. He also introduced me to so many genres and artists that are now some of my favorites. I'm now attending Berklee College of Music where all I can say is that John is an absolutely fantastic teacher and I would not be where I am now with a different teacher."

- Jackson Payne

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We don't sell guitars but are happy to offer our advice based on decades of teaching experience.

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