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  • What do I need to start lessons?
    All students will need their instrument of choice, a spiral notebook, and picks. If you would like advice in selecting the right instrument for yourself or your child, John is happy to offer helpful guidance.
  • What is the difference between virtual and in-studio lessons?
    Other than being in-person or virtual, there is no difference in the lessons. The same personalized material would be taught to a student whether they are meeting John in-studio or virtually.
  • What sets John apart from other guitar teachers?
    It's not uncommon for any proficient guitar player to offer lessons as a side job, especially to beginners. What sets John apart is that he is a clasically trained professional musician with nearly 40 years of experience teaching beginner players to intermediate players to professional musicians. Teaching is his passion and full-time job, not just a side paycheck. John maintains a local performing career and knows how to quickly connect with people of all ages and skill levels. What all of that means for the student: they will be gaining real-world music skills to be able to play in many different environments the student is on a direct path to meet their goals, whether that is to become a professional musician, play in a local band, or simply share their musical talents with family and friends material is presented in an age- and skill-approriate manner to keep them engaged lessons begin and end on time so everyone's schedule is respected they can actually enjoy learning and developing their skills
  • What is the right age to start lessons?
    The great news here is that there is no wrong age. John has had students start on ukulele as early as 4, yet many of his students are retirees who want to enjoy music in a new way.
  • Can I purchase a gift certificate?
    Yes! Music lessons are the gift that truly keeps on giving. You get to choose how many lessons you'd like to gift, how long those lessons will be, and where you would like the lesson to take place (in-person at the studio or virtually via Zoom). The recipient can schedule the gifted lessons at their convenience. If you would like to buy a gift certificate, just call, email, or submit your request via our contact form.

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